Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

Type: Central Body

Incorporated in 1933, the ACO has been involved in the preservation of Ontario’s architectural and environmental heritage. It is a members-only, charitable organization operating through a network of autonomous local branches across Ontario, linked by a small co-ordinating office in Toronto, and governed by its board of directors and Provincial Council.




  • Advocacy for threatened heritage properties.
  • Owning heritage property such as Walkerton’s Victoria Hall.
  • Restoration of heritage properties.
  • Managing revolving funds for heritage restoration projects.

Public Programming:


Various heritage photo competitions.


Walking tours of various buildings, participant in Doors Open.


Lecture series concerning historical architecture, awards programs, fundraising events (such as Port Hope’s annual house tour and Cobourg’s Moveable Feast).

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

Branch Membership available (establishment in a recognized province-wide organization, access to all ACO activities, access to web facilities, currently being upgraded, heritage and related fields, with mentoring from other branches).

Address & Contact Information:

The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario
Suite 403, 10 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1J3

Phone: (416) 367-8075

Hours of Operation:


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