CBC Museum

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Founded in 1994, the CBC Museum is dedicated to preserving the physical heritage and archival materials relating to the history of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It is located in the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in downtown Toronto.




Film footage and radio programs covering a span of more than 60 years, electronic records, prints and drawings, films and videos, photographs, sound recordings.


More than 4,000 artefacts.

Public Programming:


  • Growing Up with the CBC, contains artefacts from CBC television shows such as, Mister Rogers, Mr. Dress-up and the Friendly Giant. Items include puppets, logos and stage props. Televisions displaying footage from some of these shows is also built into wall displays.
  • The Development of the CBC,composed of artefacts used for CBC programming such as cameras and microphones. The exhibit also has a large collection of sound props including,
    • Shoes, phones, pots, bottles, plates, typewriters, buzzers, hinges, light switches, door knocker, horns, bells
    • Jail door, wind machine, car door, drum, glass crasher, chain wheel, laugh machine, vinyl machine
    • Graham Spry Theatre, a small 40-seat venue with a large screen. It displays a loop of selected classic CBC television shows. Shows rotate on a monthly basis. Past selections have included episodes from such series as Peppiatt & Aylesworth, The Tommy Hunter Show, The Frantics, 4 on the Floor, and The Kids in the Hall. The theatre also plays current CBC programming, such as CBC news.

Educational Programming

Activity sheets for teachers and their students are available.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:


Address & Contact Information:

Canadian Broadcasting Centre
250 Front St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 3G5

Phone: 416-205-5574
Website: http://www.cbc.ca/museum

Hours of Operation:

Weekdays 9am – 5pm. Closed on statutory holidays.

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