Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

Type: Heritage Building

Built in 1913 and restored in 1989, this is the site of the last operating vaudeville-era double-decker theatre in the world, with the Elgin Theatre below and the Winter Garden Theatre above.




  • Collection of vaudeville scenery,
  • Original Simplex Silent Film Projector
  • A period dressing room containing objects from the early 20th century

Public Programming:


Interpretive tours are offered year-round to the public, recounting the history and renovation of the site, showcasing the original and new lobbies, the Elgin Theatre and the Winter Garden Theatre. Visit website for dates and times.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

Volunteers assist in various activities such as guided tours, staffing the lobby gift shop and information booth, and participating at special events. For further information, call the theatre volunteer office at 416-314-287.

Address & Contact Information:

189 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1M4

Phone: 416-314-2878
Email: ewg@heritagetrust.on.ca
Website: http://www.heritagetrust.on.ca/EWG/FAQ.aspx

Hours of Operation:

Tours are scheduled every Thursday at 5 pm and Saturday at 11 am.

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