Great War Flying Museum

Type: Museum

This institution perserves the history of World War One aviation by building, maintaining and flying World War One fighter aircraft. In addition, the museum preserves and displays other relevant World War One artefacts such as uniforms and medals.


Conservation / Preservation:


Re-created World War One airfield flight hut, such as those in France or England. The flight hut operates as the museum and contains various artefacts relevant to World War One aviation such as,

  • discarded flight jackets, uniforms, flags
  • plane instruments and equipment
  • machine guns
  • model planes, diorama of a Zeppelin raid over England and also of a trench warfare featuring land-fighting vehicles
  • pilot mementos from wives and loved ones
  • prints, photographs, maps and posters
  • display of a typical Royal Flying Corp work hanger

Public Programming:

Online Programming

A database can be accessed on the museum’s main website containing digital pictures, historic photographs and descriptions of both World War One aircraft and ace pilots.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

Address & Contact Information:

Brampton Flying Club
13691 McLaughlin Road
P.O. Box 27, Stn. Cheltenham
Caledon, Ontario
Canada L7C 3L7

Phone: 905-838-4936

Hours of Operation:

11 am to 4 pm Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays from the Victoria Day long weekend in May until the Labour Day weekend in September.

Key Words: war, aviation