Joan Baillie Archives of the Canadian Opera Company

Type: Archives

This institution preserves  objects and documents pertaining to the Canadian Opera Company.




  • Corporate and administrative records.
  • Audio and video recordings of performances.
  • Slides and photographs.
  • Set and costume designs, historical Canadian Opera Company memorabilia.
  • Periodicals and documents associated with the opera dating back to the mid-twentieth century.
  • Blue prints of stage settings ,costume sketches  and posters are encapsulated.

Public Programming:


The archives participates in certain publicity events such as Open Doors Toronto for which they set up temporary displays of historical posters and costume designs.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

This institution does accept volunteers. Responsibilities include preserving material generated by the staff of the Canadian Opera Company, such as archiving and cataloguing documents, costumes, props etc… Occassionally these materials need to be prepared for presentations and small events.

Address & Contact Information:

227 Front Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1E8

Phone: 416-306-2328

Hours of Operation:

Visits are made by appointment only.

Key Words: culture, music