Old Britannia Schoolhouse

Type: Museum

This museum showcases a typical nineteenth-century rural Ontario schoolhouse. “Friends of the Schoolhouse” is an independent and self-sustaining association of concerned citizens dedicated to preserving and supporting the Schoolhouse and its education programmes by acting as an advocacy and advisory body on behalf of the students of Peel.


Conservation / Preservation:


A variety of items that might have been found in Victorian-era one-room schoolhouses, including:

  •  wall maps, text books, lunch pails, water containers, school furniture and student supplies, teaching materials and equipment
  •  household items, toys and games, as well as documents, letters, and cards.

Public Programming:


The schoolhouse is open for visitors on the second Sunday of each month. A volunteer will be there to answer any questions and give information about the schoolhouse and its programme.

Re-enactments / Theatre

To visit a Victorian era class in action, please contact the contact the Schoolmaster at britannia.schoolhouse@peelsb.com


As well as these opportunities to visit the Schoolhouse, Friends hold special events  throughout the year in the heritage building. These are listed in the on-line Events Schedule and highlighted in the CurrentNews section.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

Volunteers assist in preserving and supporting the Schoolhouse and its education programs.

Address & Contact Information:

Friends of the Schoolhouse
The Old Britannia Schoolhouse
5576 Hurontario Street
Mississauga, ON
L5R 1B3

Phone: 905-890-1010 ext 2911
Email: chair@britanniaschoolhousefriends.org
Website: http://www.britanniaschoolhousefriends.org

Hours of Operation:

Second Sunday of each month

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