Osgoode Hall

Type: Heritage Building

Osgoode Hall is the site of the highest courts in the province and has been the focus for legal activity in Ontario for over 170 years. It has heard many legal cases of a criminal and civil nature. Osgoode Hall is one of the few buildings in Canada that is still occupied by its original owners and still used for its original purpose.


Conservation / Preservation:


The Great Library in Osgoode Hall contains the largest private collection of legal works and is one of the the best reference sources in Canada. The Archives is the repository for all records of permanent value to the Law Society of Upper Canada and collects materials that document the history of the legal profession in Ontario. The Law Society owns a significant collection of portraits of former Chief Justices and Presidents of the Law Society. It also collects artefacts related to the history of the legal profession in Canada.


  • Courtrooms  from the 19th century
  •  Convocation Hall
  • Stained  glass windows covering 4,000 years of law
  • The  Great Library
  • Paintings of former Chief Justices of the Province and Presidents of the Law Society
  • Sculptures
  • Artefacts documenting the history of the legal profession in Ontario

Public Programming:


  • McMurtry Art Exhibit
  • Heritage  courtrooms
  • Convocation  Hall
  • The  Great Library
  • Lecture halls, classrooms, meeting rooms
  • Temporary exhibitions on heritage topics
  • Virtual museum
  • Virtual archives
  • Flickr Photostream
  • YouTube Channel

Tours: Yes

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

Volunteers can participate in and help with the annual Osgoode Hall Doors Open Event, assisting program and tour directors, archives department and Office of the Curator.

Address & Contact Information:

130 Queen Street West, Toronto,Ontario, M5H 2N5

Phone: 416-947-3315
Email: ebrunet@lsuc.ca
Website: http://www.lsuc.ca/PDC/Archives/Overview-of-the-Archives/; http://www.museumsontario.ca/museum/Osgoode-Hall--The Law-Societyy

Hours of Operation:

Open to the Public Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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