Queen’s York Rangers Museum and Archives

Type: Museum

Located within the Fort York Armoury, this museum is devoted to the history of the Queen’s York Rangers, part of 32 Canadian Brigade Group, the Army Reserve formation in the Greater Toronto Area. The Queen’s York Rangers trace their roots to Rogers’ Rangers, the famous irregular Colonial unit that fought the French and their Native allies in the Seven Years War.


Conservation / Preservation:

Archives / Library

The archives contain documents as lists of personnel dating back to 1777, written military orders (including those of the 12th Battalion, the York Rangers, the 12th York Rangers, the 20th Battalion, the 127th Battalion and the 220th Battalion), training manuals, diaries, maps and photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera.


Uniforms, medals, badges, weapons, equipment

Public Programming:


Displays of uniforms, medals, badges, weapons, and equipment tell the story of this regiment and those that preceded it.

Tours: Yes, by special request

Re-enactments / Theatre: Annual Regimental Events:

  • Last  Weekend of May – Ranger Weekend  to commemorate founder Major Robert Rogers.
  • First Weekend of August – Simcoe Day.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

Yes. Students are able to manage and preserve archival records.

Address & Contact Information:

660 Fleet Street W, Toronto,Ontario, M5V 1A9

Phone: 416-203-4629
Email: rhq@qyrang.org
Website: http://qyrang.ca/about/history/

Hours of Operation:

The space is open on Wednesday nights (7:30-10:30pm) and can also be opened by special request.

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