Todmorden Mills Heritage Museum and Arts Centre

Type: Museum

This restored nineteenth century village seeks to communicate the history of nineteenth and twentieth century settlement, agriculture, and industrialization in Toronto while preserving green space, along with indigenous vegetation, in the heavily urbanized landscape of the Don Valley.


Conservation / Preservation:


Several buildings from the original village of Todmorden have been restored / preserved, including houses, a paper mill, brewery, and distillery.


The Museum’s collection consists primarily of objects dating to the mid-nineteenth century period to which the buildings have been restored.


The on-site archives contain various documents and photographs that relate to various aspects of the history of East York, including the Helliwell diaries, which cover primarily the 1830s and 1880s. Additional archival materials are housed at the Toronto Reference Library, City of Toronto Archives, and Archives of Ontario.

Environment / Nature

The site contains a wildflower preserve that has been restored to its original condition. Non-indigenous, invasive species have been removed.

Public Programming:


The museum exhibits various artefacts related primarily to the nineteenth-century history of the village of Todmorden.

Education / Tours

The City of Toronto considers that the wildflower preserve is especially useful in communicating the importance of environmental stewardship to visitors. Guided Tours are available. Tours of the village-site and restored buildings are available.

Art Gallery

The Papermill Gallery occasionally exhibits the works of various contemporary artists.


The Papermill Theatre offers performance space for theatre, dance, workshops, community celebrations and corporate events.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

This museum is staffed by the City of Toronto.

Address & Contact Information:

67 Pottery Road
Toronto, ON
M4K 2B9

Phone: 416-396-2819

Hours of Operation:

Hours vary according to season. Check the website for details.

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