Great War Flying Museum

Conservation / Preservation:


Re-created World War One airfield flight hut, such as those in France or England. The flight hut operates as the museum and contains various artefacts relevant to World War One aviation such as,

  • discarded flight jackets, uniforms, flags
  • plane instruments and equipment
  • machine guns
  • model planes, diorama of a Zeppelin raid over England and also of a trench warfare featuring land-fighting vehicles
  • pilot mementos from wives and loved ones
  • prints, photographs, maps and posters
  • display of a typical Royal Flying Corp work hanger

Public Programming:

Online Programming

A database can be accessed on the museum’s main website containing digital pictures, historic photographs and descriptions of both World War One aircraft and ace pilots.

Royal Canadian Military Institute

Conservation / Preservation:


  • Primitive and modern weaponry.
  • Flags, badges, and medals.
  • British, American, and French soldier figurines.
  • Sketches, watercolours, prints, photographs, and oil paintings with emphases on Canadian and British Military History.


  • Military manuals, service journals, periodicals, and rare books dating back to the eighteenth century.
  • Canadian Official War Photographs of World War One.
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force Casualty and Nominal Rolls.
  • Orders of Battle for World War One and World War Two.
  • British and Canadian Officer Lists for the Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • British and Canadian Regimental, squadron, and ship histories.

Public Programming:


Exhibits focus on the evolution of Canadian military arms, equipment, and uniforms.

Public Lectures

Regular lectures on aspects of Canadian military history, international affairs, and military strategy are held, often as part of the Insitute’s Military History Nights and Defence Studies Committee Roundtables and Luncheons.


Regular publications, such as RCMI Commentary, Sitrep, The General Sir William Otter Papers, and Heritage Papers dealing with contemporary military and strategic issues, foreign affairs, and artefacts of significance to the Institute and its museum.


Tours of museum exhibits for school classes as well as the general public and participation in Toronto’s Door’s Open festival.