Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

Public Programming:


Great Indian Bus Tour- Three-hour tour of pre-contact and historical landmarks illustrating the Indigenous presence in Toronto


The Toronto Native Community History Project (TNCHP)- revolves around three key components: popular education, resource centre, and youth involvement, and manifests itself in a variety of events and projects that rotate year round at the center (e.g., Full Moon Ceremonies put on by Anishinaabe Women / Grandmothers)


Dodem Kanonhsa’ Open Teachings at the Elder’s Cultural Facility (located at 55 St. Clair Avenue East)-The purpose of the Dodem Kanonhsa’ is to promote sharing and understanding of Aboriginal culture and its philosophies.

The Dodem Kanonhsa’ is open to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people with the hope that it will benefit intercultural relations, cross-cultural communication and understanding. The lodge allows for continuing the tradition, started by grandmothers and grandfathers, of oral teachings. Visiting elders and teachers are available throughout

Osgoode Hall

Conservation / Preservation:


The Great Library in Osgoode Hall contains the largest private collection of legal works and is one of the the best reference sources in Canada. The Archives is the repository for all records of permanent value to the Law Society of Upper Canada and collects materials that document the history of the legal profession in Ontario. The Law Society owns a significant collection of portraits of former Chief Justices and Presidents of the Law Society. It also collects artefacts related to the history of the legal profession in Canada.


  • Courtrooms  from the 19th century
  •  Convocation Hall
  • Stained  glass windows covering 4,000 years of law
  • The  Great Library
  • Paintings of former Chief Justices of the Province and Presidents of the Law Society
  • Sculptures
  • Artefacts documenting the history of the legal profession in Ontario

Public Programming:


  • McMurtry Art Exhibit
  • Heritage  courtrooms
  • Convocation  Hall
  • The  Great Library
  • Lecture halls, classrooms, meeting rooms
  • Temporary exhibitions on heritage topics
  • Virtual museum
  • Virtual archives
  • Flickr Photostream
  • YouTube Channel

Tours: Yes

Old City Hall



  • Clock tower, first floor exhibits, grand staircase, memorial window, and war memorial
  • George A. Reid Murals, city council chamber; Romanesque grotesques, collection of photographs and other artefacts; stained-glass windows

Public Programming:


Exhibit cabinets are found on the main floor of the entrance lobby.