University of Toronto Archives

Conservation / Preservation:


Records of University of Toronto include,

  • Records of the Board of Governors of the University of Toronto and King’s College Council, minutes of reports of Upper Canada College from 1878 – 1901, records of the Women’s University Residence Associations from 1894-1905, and records of the University Press from 1902-1908.
  • Records of administrative offices and bodies, including those of the Chief Financial Officer, Community Relations, Alumni Affairs and Development, Ethics Review, Governing Council, Human Resources, External Hiring Committee, Labour Relations, Public Relations, Student Housing, Student Record Services, Tenure Appeal Committee, Treasury Department, Bursar, Chancellor, Comproller, vice-presidents and provosts.
  • Records of the many departments, faculties, schools, institutes, libraries, and selected colleges that comprise the University of Toronto.

Private records include,

  • Papers, correspondence, photographs, and other records of prominent individuals, families, and groups associated with the University of Toronto, including faculty, artists, administrators, and alumni and student organizations.
  • Records of selected Federal Government and military departments and organizations.

George Brown College Archives

Conservation / Preservation:


Holdings include:

  • The business records and related material of George Brown College
  • The College’s preceding or absorbed institutions and programs, including:
    • Provincial Institute of Trades (PIT),
    • Provincial Institute of Trades and Occupations (PITO),
    • The Nightingale, St. Joseph’s, and Toronto Regional Nursing Assistants schools;
    • The St. Michael’s Hospital School of Health Records Administration.
  • Papers: Theses / research materials
  • The Louis Fine LL.D. papers (labour relations).
  • Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario (ACAATO), and the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA).

Trinity College Archives

Conservation / Preservation:


  • Institutional records of the College, including, yearbooks and calendars, records of the Trinity Medical College, student cards, architectural drawings, and other administrative records.
  • Records of student organizations and publications, including the Dramatic Society, Heads of College, and Theological and Missionary Society; a complete run of the Trinity University Review (1880 – present), and other publications originating at the College.
  • Private papers of notable individuals involved with the College.
  • Artwork in possession of the College.

Ryerson University Archives


Archives / Library

The Ryerson University Archives Collection dates from 1783 to the present, with the majority of records relating to Ryerson University and dating from 1948 to the present. Collections include,

  • Correspondence and files of senior-level, administrative and academic departments.
  • Reports, minutes, and agendas of committees, including the Board of Governors and Academic Council.
  • Financial records, including statements and budget and audit records.
  • Human resources records.
  • Records of student, faculty, staff, and alumni organizations.
  • Annual reports, contracts, agreements, and other legal documents.
  • Policy and procedure manuals.
  • Publications such as student, staff, and faculty newspapers and newsletters, manuals, handbooks, course calendars, and yearbooks.
  • Photographs, including prints, negatives, transparencies, and digital images.
  • Motion picture films and video tapes, sound recordings, oral interview tapes, and transcripts.
  • Cartographic and architectural records.
  • Paintings, drawings and prints.
  • Electronic records, speeches, and addresses.
  • Subject files, including, primarily, secondary source material on Ryerson-related topics, private papers and manuscripts, published books and articles by members of the Ryerson community (The Ryerson Authors Collection).
  • Selection of images representing people, places, events, and activities from Ryerson’s history.
  • Special Collections has acquired and preserved photography, film, and cultural history objects. These holdings comprise archival materials, cultural artefacts, and rare book collections, including,
    • approximately 4,000 books on photography.
    • 1,000 original audiovisual recordings documenting shipwrecks in Canadian waters such as the Titanic, Edmund Fitzgerald and H.M.S. Breadalbane.
    • extensive photographic archives from Kodak Canada Inc. and Canadian Architect magazine.
  • Collections of cultural artefacts also form part of the archives and include,
    • historical photographic materials, Inuit sculpture, and a significant collection of objects depicting former Soviet leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
    • Photographic technology collections include antique cameras and darkroom equipment.
  • The archives maintains a comprehensive collection of files that complement its main holdings, and contains clippings and other documentation of a secondary source nature, on people, departments, buildings and general topics related to Ryerson University and its history and operation.

Public Programming:


This archives has digitized photographs, posters, drawings, artefacts, and other items from its archival collections or advertisements put on display as exhibitions and events in the Library.