Canadian Labour Hall of Fame

Type: Museum

The Canadian Labour Hall of Fame was opened in the Labourers’ International Union Local 83 Hall in Toronto in 1991 to honour figures from Canadian labour history.


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Among the portraits on the walls are union pioneers from many times and places across the country, including, among others, William Jenoves, Baxter Fudge, J.W. Bruce, Charles Millard, Eileen Tallman Suffrin, William (Bill) Milner, Evelyn Armstrong, Claude Jodoin, Daniel O’Donoghue, Helena Gutteridge, J.B. McLachlan, Gerry Gallagher, Grace Hartman, R.B. Russell, Madeleine Parent, Harry Simon, A.A. Heaps, Viljo Rosval and John Voutilainen. A sculpture of a sturdy worker with a jackhammer graces the approach to the building.

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1263 Wilson Ave.
Toronto, ON
M3M 3G3

Phone: 416-241-1183

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