Canadian Labour Hall of Fame

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Among the portraits on the walls are union pioneers from many times and places across the country, including, among others, William Jenoves, Baxter Fudge, J.W. Bruce, Charles Millard, Eileen Tallman Suffrin, William (Bill) Milner, Evelyn Armstrong, Claude Jodoin, Daniel O’Donoghue, Helena Gutteridge, J.B. McLachlan, Gerry Gallagher, Grace Hartman, R.B. Russell, Madeleine Parent, Harry Simon, A.A. Heaps, Viljo Rosval and John Voutilainen. A sculpture of a sturdy worker with a jackhammer graces the approach to the building.

HVACR Heritage Centre Canada

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Archives / Library

Paper records include HVAC related catologues and magazines.


Holdings include over 350 heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration parts from the 1920s to the 1960s. The website lists the archival and artifact holdings.

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Website also includes an on-line exhibition on the effects of refrigeration entitled Chilling Out.

Black Creek Pioneer Village



Black Creek Pioneer Village’s collection of 50,000 artefacts represents the development of the Toronto region in the 19th century. Of special note are the Percy Band Toy Collection with over 2,000 pieces and the Catherine Thuro Collection of over 150 working kerosene lamps. Other items include domestic artefacts, books, fine art, furniture, machinery, textiles, and tools.


Black Creek Pioneer Village features a collection of 40 heritage homes, trade shops, community, and farm buildings from across south central Ontario. Each of the Village’s original buildings has been restored and furnished to recapture its original ambiance and demonstrates how settlers used it. Examples consist of a print shop, grain barn, smoke house and a tinsmith shop.

Digital Archives

Digital archive of onsite museum’s holdings available:

Public Programming


At Black Creek Pioneer Village visitors enjoy exhibits focusing on the people and stories of Toronto Region, including the award-winning Breaking the Silence: Stories of the British Home Children, 1869-1948.

Public Programs

Public programs are offered daily and range from tours of the recreated 19th century brewery to short performances by Black Creek’s History Actors, from hands-on Discovery Stations to Farmyard Friends where visitors can get up close with heritage breed animals.

SPecial events

A seasonal roster of special events include Pioneer Harvest Festival, which has been celebrated annually for over 50 years, Light Up the Night, Ghost Walks, and Christmas by Lamplight.

Educational Programming

Interactive curriculum-linked programs are provided for students ranging from pre-school to post-secondary.