Bradley Museum

Type: Museum

This museum incorporates various 19th century buildings. The Anchorage is an Ontario Regency style cottage on the grounds of the museum. Once the retirement home of Royal Navy officer, John Skynner, the early 19th century home was moved from its original site on the shores of Lake Ontario to the Bradley Museum in the mid 1970s. Also on Museum grounds is a farmhouse that was constructed in 1830 by Lewis and Elizabeth Bradley, who were United Empire Loyalists. The Bradley House was restored to reveal the everyday life of early settlers in Ontario. It is a pioneer home dating as far back as the 1830’s-40. A Log Cabin was added to the Bradley Museum site in 2007. Originally slated for demolition at its Port Credit location, the cabin was rescued and reconstructed.




Artefacts are from the period 1830-40 and are generally domestic items that would be found in a household of this time period, such as kitchen items, tools, pottery and china. The Bradley House is arranged to reflect what a home would have looked like during this time period.

Public Programming:


Guided tours are offered to the general public and group tours can also be arranged. Tour guides and historic interpreters are in costume reflecting 19th century dress.


Some of the programs offered to the public include cooking over an open hearth, spinning, weaving and historic crafts.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

Student placements: Student volunteers from high school or university are accepted to help with special events offered. They also work with the volunteer coordinator to maintain collections or limited archival records. The museum is willing to accommodate students’ interests.

Address & Contact Information:

1620 Orr Road
Mississauga, ON

Phone: 905 615 4860 ext. 2113

Hours of Operation:

Tours are offered to the general public from Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-5pm.

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