Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto

Type: Archives

This archives collects and preserves archival material created by persons who have had, or are having, a first-hand experience in the psychiatric system. The archives also aims to portray the broad diversity of views held by all people with a psychiatric history.


Conservation / Preservation:


  • Over 400 audio tapes and 40 videotapes dating back to the late 1970s
  • Documentation pertaining to psychiatric treatment
  • Objects made by psychiatric survivors such as pottery, clothing, wood-work, stencilled imprints, key-chains, musical instruments, tools used to create objects, political buttons, banners and various forms of art and physical culture
  • Posters dating back to the 1980s by people and groups involved in the psychiatric consumer/survivor community
  • Photographic images of people, places and events related to the history of our community

Public Programming:

Online Programming

Descriptions and links to psychiatric related heritage sites are available on their website, such as the Lakeshore Asylum Cemetery Project, Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby Psychiatric Hospital and the brick wall made by psychiatric inmates.

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Address & Contact Information:

Psychiatric Survivor Archives, Toronto.
280 Parliament St.
Toronto, ON
M5A 3A4

Phone: 416- 661-9975 or 416-760-4780

Hours of Operation:

By appointment only.

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