Ports Toronto

Type: Archives

This government institution preserves documentation related to the development of Toronto’s waterfront.




  • Harbour Trust, Harbour Commission and Port Authority board minutes and correspondence
  • Legal and financial papers
  • Central registry files
  • Departmental records
  • Textual records
  • Over 20,000 photos, plans, books and reports
  • Original documentation dates back to the creation of the Toronto Harbour Trust in the 1850s
  • Duplicated documentation dates back to the early 1830s, such as engineer drawings

Public Programming:


Display cases are located on the ground floor of the Ports Toronto building, and consist of images of Toronto and Toronto’s waterfront. Occasionally archival material is on display in the lobby of the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The Ports Toronto Archives also participates in publicity events such as Doors Open Toronto, and also regularly supplies images for online use on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Archival material has also been used for Public Affairs displays created for public viewing in places such as BCE Place, the CN Tower and the PATH system.

Volunteer/Internship/Placement Opportunities:

No opportunities exist at this present time, but considerations may be made in the future.

Address & Contact Information:

60 Harbour Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 1B7

Phone: 416-863-2011
Email: jhubbell@torontoport.com
Website: http://www.torontoport.com

Hours of Operation:

By appointment.

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